Shows that deserve a new season in 2021

2020 was a great year for content and people really got addicted to the series format due to a lot of free time. But there have been many shows in 2020 and even prior to that , which have created great impact and led to people wanting more of it.

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2020 was a great year for content but a lot of shows have existed before this year too. Sadly, some of them ended too soon and we'd like nothing than a comeback! So, here's a list of shows we wish would get a new season in 2021.

Many series have created a strong fan base in the past few years and 2021 is the one year where people are looking forward to having new seasons of those shows. We all have such shows that either ended too soon or were cancelled and we've hoped and wished for them to return. Well, let's hope we do get to see all our favorite show's new season soon.

Check out the shows that we wish would get a new season in 2021 now:

Normal people

This show released in 2020 and has already found it's way into the list of best series ever made many times.

White collar - Hotstar

Another show that has strong fan base and with 6 seasons made already, fans are waiting for the 7th one.

The office - American sitcom - Amazon Prime

Who all have dreamt of having an office like Dunder Mifflin Paper Company? Well, this show definitely was successful in creating craze about the office culture.

Crashing- Netflix

Phoebe Waller bridge turns everything into gold once she backs a project. This wacky comedy had one season but fans are waiting for many more.


It is a 2001 sitcom that had only 1 season that focused on college life . The show also starred Seth Rogen who is a current favorite of audience

The Good wife - Voot

This 7 seasons drama has created a big impact that also led to many Emmy awards

Prison Break- Hotstar

The show gained worldwide popularity and fans were eagerly waiting for it's sixth season which later got cancelled.

Modern Family - Hotstar

This show has entertained us for years and when it ended in April this year, fans went all crazy wanting for more.

Schitt's Creek - Netflix

Who can forget the last shot of this sitcom where Johnny looks backs through his car window at the billboard ending the show where it in a way started with.

Fleabag - Amazon Prime

When Pheobe Waller-Bridge announced that the show won't have a season 3 it definitely broke many hearts and for good reason too!

Maniac- Netflix

Emma stone's show had one season which got a great response and is in talks for a second season.

The good place - Netflix

The 4 seasons sitcom ended this year leaving many viewers wanting for more.

The big bang theory - Hotstar

A show that had become an integral part of the viewers lives for 12 years.

True Detective - Hotstar

It's a mystery show that is considered to be one of the best thrillers of modern-day cinema. Fans are waiting for the 4th season. However, the writers said that they have something in mind for the 4th one but when it be made remains undecided.

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