Make your outfit stand out with the help of Shreeja Bagwe and her 9 different ways of draping a saree.

Festivals are always the best not just because we get a day off from work but also because we get the chance to dress up and have fun with our family. We tend to spend the day prior prepping and putting together looks for the day. Everyone wants to look their best while also standing out in their own way. There are a bunch of traditional garments that bring out the glory of the auspicious day that we want to celebrate. Indian fashion blogger and social media influencer Shreeja Bagwe is helping us out by styling one of the most loved Indian attires, the saree, in 9 different ways.

We already have different traditional ways of draping a saree depending on which part of the country you belong to. And every way looks just as beautiful. Over the years, we’ve seen different genders wrap the nine yards in a way that matches their style. Adding her own bit into this, Shreeja Bagwe created a whole series of showing her followers 9 different ways of wearing it. We recently celebrated Navratri and Shreeja took the opportunity of the festival to help her followers with unique ways of styling a saree and we are thrilled to try them on. If you are planning to attend a function or celebrate a festival then you should check out these tips by the fashion influencer.

Check it out:

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