These Shreya Ghoshal songs make the perfect background score for our life

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Shreya Ghoshal

As we celebrate our favourite singer's birthday, take a look at some Shreya Ghoshal songs that connected with us on a different level.

India is a place with great cultural inheritance. With great artists in every field, Indian art and culture are only here to prosper. While there are a number of artists doing their bit, one artist who already has a huge fanbase is Shreya Ghoshal. Although there is no cross-checking of the fact that she is an amazing singer, she has been awarded various honours across industries and internationally.

Apart from all the amazing things that she has achieved in life, she has given us some amazing music for our playlist. Her songs, however, not only have been a mood maker but have also given us major background score for our life. We have made a list of some of these songs which we can all relate to.

Here are all Shreya Ghoshal songs that made the perfect background score for our life:

When mom smells alcohol on her child and is close to a break down: 

Mumbaikar to every fast train ever 

My skin when I don’t drink water for 5 hours

When society blames outfit choices for eve-teasing (Yep, nobody said this was jus going to be funny)

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22-year-olds posting pre-wedding photos like 

Me to my friend who is finally getting laid

My broke a$$ to every new online sale

Fair and lovely to every Indian girl (false beauty standards *sigh*)

Happy birthday Shreya!

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