Siddharth-Garima who have made a mark in the Bollywood industry with their scriptwriting and lyric writing skills are set to launch FasterClass.

From a quintessential Bollywood masala rom-com to a non-commercial masterpiece, the credits of creating exceptional movies have often been given to many others involved in the movie-making process except the writers. The writer duo, Siddharth Singh and Garima Wahal who have made a mark in the Bollywood industry with their remarkable scriptwriting and lyric writing skills, have taken it upon themselves to motivate the budding talents of today. Siddharth-Garima recently launched their YouTube channel where they use their immense creativity to pass on their wisdom in the quirkiest way possible to the freshers.

Take a look:

Being the first screenwriters to attempt something like this, the sessions will be called FasterClass. A smart wordplay on Masterclass, which just showcases the out-of-the-box thinking Siddharth and Garima are going to demonstrate to encourage youngsters in the best way possible. The first fun lesson dropped on their channel on July 17, 2020.

Talking about how motivation is necessary while pursuing your dreams, Garima shared, “It’s not easy to pursue a career which is ‘hatke’ than the usual path. One needs a lot of encouragement from their loved ones and peers to choose a profession which is known to come with a lot of hardships. You always need an extra pinch of motivation when pursuing your dreams. And that is exactly what Siddharth and I want to do for all our budding writers.”

Siddharth opened up about the idea behind FasterClass saying, “There are a lot of courses available out there which provide the right amount of lectures on how to become a writer. While those classes are beneficial for many, some writers are unable to attend those classes due to monetary issues. Garima and I came up with this idea to help such writers so that they can pursue their dreams and work in an environment which they will cherish for their entire life. We want to help them hone their raw talent because with the audience demanding great stories now rather than actors, it is our job to make sure that they get what they are looking for.”

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