June is celebrated every year as the Pride month to support our brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ+ community. After decades of fighting tirelessly for their rights, the world is finally recognizing and accepting them as one of our own.

Every year, millions of people including celebrities come out and show their support for the community by showcasing rainbow colors that signifies the diversity of this vibrant set of individuals. It is heart-warming how with more people are coming out in open and accepting the that #LoveIsLove and everyone is free to love. One such individual is Jiwandeep Kohli, a San Diego based neuroscientist and pastry chef who posted a picture donning a turban with rainbow colours and mentioned that he is bisexual.

This picture received a lot of praise (unexpectedly) and people loved Mr Kohli’s creativity. So much so that, Barack Obama himself retweeted and complimented him.

Netizens were also curious as to how he tied the turban. And some could even see it as a fashion trend!

Like I mentioned, everyone loved it!

People like Jiwandeep Kohli are pushing the world in a more equal direction one step at a time, which is exactly what we need. Happy Pride month readers!