Yesterday, a new song from Superstar Vijay’s Upcoming Movie “Bigil” got released. “Singappenney” (“Lion hearted Girl”) is composed by the legendary AR Rahman.

Tamil Twitterati is known for their high affinity towards cinema. After all, it is the land of Thalaivaa “Rajinikanth”. We saw how they celebrated Kolaveri di and made it a worldwide phenomenon. And now it seems like it’s ‘Singappenney’ time!

The song which was initially planned to be released in the evening, got delayed and eventually released at 10 pm. The wait for the song release got twitterati all anxious that they kept tweeting in desperation.

Even YouTube India and twitter moments could not wait!

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The Makers were also very smart to create YouTube premier. So that all the fans had the link and they were waiting over there.

But once the song finally released, the twiterrati went berserk and the song has been trending ever since!

Here’s the song that has everyone going crazy!

Do you think Singappenney is the new Kolaveri di?