Fresh flowers, fancy bouquets, special packages and events at the restaurants, handwritten notes and surprises for the loved ones, with all this hoopla about grand romantic gestures, the world has forgotten about the existence of freedom-loving singles. We don’t deny the ecstasy of waking up to cute good morning texts, random surprises, gifts, hugs, kisses, and dates. But hey! not everyone is dying for it, okay?! This emotion is why we need a Singles Day!

Some of us here are having the time of our lives with our singledom. Thus, today we dedicate the day to these Bravehearts and celebrate it as Single’s day. Just like having a companion has its pros, if you look at it with a bird’s eye view, being single also has its own perks. Many perks. So, if you are single and can relate to these, know that this phase is also the best one of your lives.

Here are the reasons why you need to celebrate Singles Day while you still can:

 1. You get sleep – A lot of it!

2. You save up a lot of money because no fancy weekend dates.

3. Ladies – You can go for months without clearing up the bushes 

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 4. No need to dress up. You can practically live in a loose T-shirt and shorts. No bras FTW!

5. No Drama


6. Your social circle suddenly increases two-fold

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You do you, Singles (quite literally too)!

If you’re not seeing someone, every day is practically Singles Day for you! Yay!