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We reached out to digital creators, Adit Minocha, Vanshaj Singh Mehta, and Nikita and asked them about a fictional character they’d like to date and why!

Fictional characters are often what we’d imagine our ideal type to be. They look, talk, and often do things that we’d like our real-life partner to do for us without us having to even ask for it. If you really think about it, there are so many pros than cons to dating a fictional character in your head. Firstly, they’re always there for you when you need them, you don’t have to ever worry about your appearance, you’re always in control of the relationship and best of all, they’re forever approved by your friends and family. Life would be so amazing if we actually had the crazy chance to make this wish come true - dating our favorite fictional character who we spend hours looking at!

Here's who they'd wanna date and why!

Adit Minocha

“Monica from FRIENDS. It’s one of the shows I've watched over and over again, and I've connected to Monica the most. I feel like I also have Chandler's humor and calmness, which makes me a perfect match for her. Monica is competitive and needs to have things at their designated places and wants everything clean. THAT IS ME! I need to keep my room clean and put my things in place. She's beautiful, cute, and of course, very hot. We will certainly make for a dashing couple. Monica is also a fitness freak which is something I'm into. A couple that works out together stays together.”

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Vanshaj Singh

Jinx from Arcane for many reasons. She is just as crazy as I am, her reasons and things to do which describe her craziness are like leaps apart, but I relate to that a lot. She cares for her family even if they are against her. She is also very creative and constantly creates something, and I am also creating content constantly. I like how she is, and her being a badass at some point makes me go, wow. This is why I have a crush on Jinx. I even bought her in-game skins and have her posters in my room. I just love Jinx.”    

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“One of my favorite movies is Welcome, and the character I would like to date is obviously Rajiv, the main character of the film. When I was younger, Rajiv was my crush because he was so decent, well-mannered, and someone who is trustworthy and mature. In the end, when he jumped into the pool for his love, Sanjana, and he saved that person’s life by taking the risk of his own, it showed how caring and loving he is, and he is someone I can act childish with. I can go for long walks and have long conversations, it’s just like K-drama waala pyaar!”

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