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We spoke to Chirag Khanna, Kanishk Anand, Aryan Nalawade, and Daksh Sumerpur about what they like about these throwback trends, what they’re looking forward to wearing, and so much more!

What goes around comes around, and right now, we’re seeing that being reflected in old aesthetics, books, music, and fashion trends. Stepping out of the house, giving ourselves A+ on our outfit, and catching the eyes of people around only to see that they’re looking at our dad’s jeans that we’ve casually worn because vintage is the new trend, this feels like a

regular occurrence these days because all these styles we once loved are suddenly cool again,

while some may be debatable, most of them just make pure sense. As our taste keeps on changing and generations draw inspiration from previous decades, it is no surprise that a lot of these current trends are a mash-up of trends that we saw in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Today, these trends are back to prove just how timeless and relevant they really are. Rent out some of these classics, check out thrift stores or raid your mother’s wardrobe. You don’t have to

burn a hole in your pocket; It’s that easy!

These digital creators shed more light on understanding more about trends making a comeback!

Chirag Khanna

“In today’s era of subtle tones and elegant silhouettes, I can’t help but notice how old trends are bringing a comeback. I feel it’s absolutely fabulous how people are styling themselves using old tips and tricks! I, for one, love to wear baggy or flared/ boot-cut pants because they’re so comfortable yet so chic and bold. They’re the perfect example of “go big or go home!”. And the

cherry on top has to be the many ways in which they can be styled, mostly with a fitted or a cropped T-shirt which is again making a comeback these days. Adding to this, chunky/dad sneakers are something I’m all heart eyes for. They elevate your body and make you feel super confident. They go with absolutely any and every fit and never fail to take my look a notch up.

Moreover, retro glasses are making a comeback this season, and that’s a trend I’m all in for. Let’s not forget to mention varsity jackets! The biggest comeback trend of 2021, they’re everywhere! From big designers like Louis Vuitton to being available at a thrift store near you, people are going bonkers over varsity jackets, and I’m a part of the club. In my opinion, varsity jackets are the perfect way to uplift any outfit or add color to it! As trends change, people draw inspiration from newer styles, but the fact that these trends are making a comeback after years is also a great way of sustainability around the world!”

Kanishk Anand

“I am a GenZ lovestruck with 90s style.Maybe this runs in my family since we all love 90s fashion, songs, and whatnot. 90s fashion trends are the moment. Be it cardigans, baggy trousers, crochet, or flared pants, I have been obsessing over all of

them. Taking a fresh and unique take on my style and marrying it with old fashion is something I love doing to depict my personal style. This challenges me as a fashion creator and gives me a sense of contentment when people love and appreciate it. Upcycling is something I really enjoy personally, and I have created a lot of pieces that depict my personal style and are

unique in their own way.”

Aryan Nalawade

“I personally believe that everything vintage is amazing! Fashion and comfort used to walk hand in hand, and it was about time that the wave would return. I love these fashion trends coming back simply because they’re super relatable, comfortable, and definitely a style statement.”

Daksh Sumerpur

“Stepping into my father's shoes literally! A child is always keen to wear his father's clothes and step into his shoes; I was not an exception; I experimented with styling his jackets, wearing his baggy pants, and posting it on Instagram, and boom, it was a hit! I had admirers from all walks of life. Old fashion is the latest trendsetter. We hear remakes of old songs and old films, and now it’s old fashion clothes that are trending for the new generation. Corduroy, bell bottoms, cargos have re-emerged in everybody's wardrobe. 90's fashion trends which were actually reimagined versions of the '70s are now being conceptualized by Gen-Z. The "90's vibe" is a whole aesthetic today. Some things are evergreen, they may fade away for a little while, but they always make a comeback.”

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