Thank You, Therapy

Aishwarya Srinivasan
Sep 14, 2023 13:01 IST
Thank you therapy

We reached out to content creators Pranita Kocharekar and Veronica Bahl about what’s been their biggest learning from going to therapy and how it has benefitted

their lives!

Therapy has always been an anxious territory for me, and I’m sure for many othersas well. It’s where you are expected to open up and speak about your deepest fears, past trauma, or simply just what’s been on your mind. And not all of us are comfortable doing that for many reasons. One being the unfamiliarity of unloading your whole life onto a stranger. There’s a fear of judgment, and more than anything, we know we’ll have to deal with issues we’ve brushed under the carpet for so long. But going to therapy is a thought I have never shut doors to because there are so many people around me who went to therapy, and I’ve not only seen how it has changed their lives for the better but also heard numerous stories about how it doesn’t have to be a place where you go and have heavy conversations every single time. It’s okay to take it slow, one step at a time!

This one’s for everyone out there who, just like me, is contemplating going to therapy every single day. I hope this becomes a source of motivation or that final push for us to finally put our mental health first.

Pranita Kocharekar 

"As an overly independent child and adult, I have come to realize that we are interdependent beings after all. The idea of asking for help, for me, takes a lot of strength. And strength for me is the ability to feel and be vulnerable. My experience with therapy (and my relationship with my therapist) has led me to believe that I can create and build a safe space with another person.

It has enabled me to understand parts of myself that felt out of my control, it has given me an insight into who I was and who I am, and has created a vast space for who I can become.

It has also enabled me to believe that I am never alone, and that I can build a support system at my own pace.There is a lot of power in feeling lonely and yet knowing that there is an army of people who have your back. Therapy has helped me create that space, re-wire some beliefs

and helped me design a beautiful, intentional life."


Veronica Bahl

"From an early age, I started therapy disguised as counseling, and it truly unlocked the "why" behind my reactions and thoughts. It allowed me to tap into my emotional intelligence, or as I like to call it, my emotional quotient. 

Therapy, in my opinion, remains underrated even today, often dismissed as just talking to a stranger. But for me, those therapy sessions were like a precious hour where I could reflect on my thoughts and actions, away from the chaos of the day, all under the expert guidance of my therapist.

As someone who has battled through two suicide attempts, countless anxiety attacks, and deeply traumatic events, I feel equipped to handle the aftermath of life's unexpected curveballs. And let me tell you, therapy played a significant role in that transformation. It didn't hand me a step-bystep manual on how to fix everything right away. Instead, it gave me the space to choose my own path, to decide which actions I wanted to take to see things differently.

Sure, it involved trial and error—finding the right therapists, exploring different therapies, and discovering the tools that worked best for me. But guess what? That's the beauty of life. We stumble, we fall, but we learn and grow. And therapy is no different. It deserves the benefit of the doubt, just like we give to people and situations. So, if you're sitting on the fence about therapy, my advice is this: take the plunge. It can be the lifeline you never knew you needed. Don't underestimate the power it has to transform your life. Give it a shot, and who knows? You might just discover your own set of tools to handle life's curveballs."

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