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We spoke to Maitrayanee Mahanta, Devika Vinayek, Sukriti, and Dharna about what would they do if they wouldn't have been content creators and here’s what they had to say!

Given the amount of content we consume every day, it’s impossible to imagine a world without social media or content creators. Who would be the trendsetter? Where are we gonna learn new hacks and DIYS, damn we can only imagine how different it is gonna be without social media. But do we ever ponder what would our favorite creators be doing if not for content creation? And how different their lifestyle would be? Would they still be making small videos just for fun or committing themselves to 9-5 jobs.

Here's what they had to say!

Maitrayanee Mahanta

“I would have loved to be a singer. However, I believe, a lot of people are far better singers than I am. I have always enjoyed singing as much as I enjoy creating content. So, yes, being a good singer someday, is still on my bucket list!”

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Dharna Durga 

"I would have loved to be a dancer. It's natural for my body to move whenever any Bollywood music plays. Dancing makes me feel good and I never get bored with it. Being on stage and performing is something I love the most. So being a good dancer someday is still on

my wishlist!"

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“I’m an engineer by qualification and I actually got an engineering job in an IT firm which I did not take up and instead took the creative field so I probably would have joined that company if I would have not taken content creation. Also when all this was happening, when I got that IT firm’s offer, content creation was still not a thing. I was also an RJ before I started creating content so I probably would've continued being an RJ.”

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Devika Vinayek

“I’d definitely be styling people offline, and not just online! I don’t see myself in any other field than fashion for sure. I love styling, re-wearing, and reimagining and that’s what I would be doing if I wasn’t creating content. Thinking about outfits and seeing them come to life is truly what I daydream about all day long. So yes, fashion styling would definitely be my

alternate career option! I absolutely love it.”

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