Liked Netflix's adaptation of One Piece? Here's why you might like the anime too!

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If you're wondering whether or not to dive deeper into the world of Pirates after watching Netflix's adaptation of One Piece, here are some reasons that might help you decide.

Netflix has a bad reputation when it comes to live-action adaptations of anime but looks like the recently released live-action series One Piece, has broken the curse. While Netflix's One Piece garnered a huge wave of love from people across the globe, it only gives us an introduction to the actual anime. Despite being one of the best shonen anime shows with over 1000 episodes. As a fan, it feels like an uphill battle to convince people to embark on this epic voyage and know about the enthralling tales and legends of Grand Line. Nevertheless, for those who take the plunge, "One Piece" rewards its dedicated fans with a treasure trove of unforgettable adventures and timeless storytelling.

The story of One Piece revolves around the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew members as they go on the journey to find Pirate King Rodger's legendary treasure, One Piece. Luffy wants to become the king of the pirates and thus, he goes on a journey to the most dangerous place of the sea. Interestingly, many strong pirates of the show can't swim, including Luffy. Just like fans hesitant to watch the adaptation gave it a try, the anime series is also worth diving into, even though it takes epic dedication from you. 

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If you're ready for it, here's why you too might like to join the Straw Hat Pirates on their quest! 

It's not just Monkey D. Luffy's story

Shonen Jump anime shows don't just entertain. They're full of inspiration, shaping our values and understanding of the world. Whether it's for Naruto, Goku or Luffy, we have been on their adventures and found ourselves cheering for them throughout. While most of the Shonen Jump anime shows are heavily focused on the protagonist, One Piece takes a different take. It gives each of its characters time to develop an interesting arc for themselves. They have their own special abilities and dreams to chase. It's always about us rooting for the main character, but it's different with One Piece as you can find other characters that you can resonate with. Netflix's adaptation also had every member of Luffy's crew work for their own motivations and dreams. I love Dragon Ball and Naruto but I find the characters in these shows being forgotten after giving them an interesting introduction. That's where One Piece succeeds and uses each of its characters to the fullest.  

One Piece









Good storylines and arcs 

One might get deceived into thinking that the show is meant for kids with the show choosing an animated style of the first few episodes, but that's not the case. Over the years, One Piece has brought light to real-life issues through its storylines, characters and arcs. It has talked about concepts like poverty, political corruption, and racism through the Marines, Celestial Dragons, fishermen and rich families. The tension between the Fishmen and Humans has been highlighted in Netflix's live-action as well. But even with addressing these serious themes, the show has a fair share of comedy. It can go from being ridiculously funny to emotionally tense within a single episode. 

One Piece 4









A lot of foreshadowing  

If you are one of those people who love to make fan theories about their favourite shows, you need to watch One Piece. The foreshadowing is epic here and it looks like each of the details given in the show are somehow connected to the other. Sometimes you can't even guess things before they get revealed. The show has paid real attention to its detailing and it has its own incredible way to give out information to its fans. 

Incredible world building 

If you're a fan of hard world-building and want to teleport to a completely different world while watching your favourite show, One Piece is the anime for you! It's made of innumerable islands and villages and the world-building here is so dense that you might lose count of it after a while. Cake Island, Punk Hazard, Alabasta Kingdom, and Dressrosa are some examples of how Eiichiro Oda helped expand the worldview of One Piece with his creativity.

One Piece










Interesting fights and quests 

Even after spanning over two decades, One Piece never runs out of interesting stories and arcs. Sure, it has no shortage of memorable fights and challenges. One Piece's fights aren't memorable just for being flashy and these fights aren't always won just over sheer strength. Some tense arcs of the show hold a special place in our hearts because of their narrative significance and how they helped in character development. 

One Piece 2










Being loyal to a show that has been here for almost 2 decades isn't the easiest thing to do. But you won't find a person who has watched One Piece and didn't like it. There is a reason why the anime is known to be one of the longest-running anime and why people still wait for the new episodes to air. One Piece is expected to end in 2025 and the end is surely going to be legendary.

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