When life gives you a sleep-talking girlfriend, make Rupi Kaur style poems for her

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Harry Mitchell

For his girlfriend who talks in her sleep, Harry Mitchell, wrote Rupi Kaur poetries using the words she speaks in her sleep.

Do you know how they say that if you are loved by an artist, you live forever? Generations after generations, people have expressed their love via poetry, paintings, and whatnot. Numerous legendary poets have written poetry for their beloved throughout the ages. But in the 21st century digital age, you know who has written the coolest poetry for his partner? Harry Mitchell, that's who.

Recently, in one hilariously cute tweet, Harry Mitchell, a writer, designer and video producer among other things, noted down the things that his girlfriend speaks in her sleep and made "Rupi Kaur" style poems out of it. Oh, it's crazier than it sounds.

Read 'em up.

Hilarious, aren't they? Twitter agrees too. Twitter is rolling on the floor laughing while also saying "aww" after reading Harry's poetry.

Here are some of the reactions. Check them out:

What are you going to write for your partner?

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