I feel like July and August went by in a jiffy! I blinked an eye and September is knocking! SEPTEMBER – the month being special to Social Ketchup Magazine. But more on that later. 

Coming to August, the month marked the beginning of festivities and joyous ceremonies! Friendship Day, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, Onam, Janmashthi, seemed like after a long time, people cherished festivities and looked forward to celebrating with their family and friends! At the same time, we also saw some changes – and many of these were (fortunately) good. 

Like, how the definition of the Rakshabandhan evolves each passing year, becoming even more special and cherished over the years among generations. It’s no longer limited to sisters tying rakhi on their brother’s wrists. The festival now celebrates the bond between two people who feel the same emotion. 

My sister and I, like others, share a bitter-sweet relationship. We eat, pray, party together, and luckily work together. On some days our synergies match and our ideas are like two peas in a pod, on others we are on separate poles! Over the years I have learned to draw a line between the personal and professional world and have learned somehow (still learning) to agree to disagree. 

Any boon, you may ask? Well, I have a permanent cheerleader, office go-to friend, stress checker with me! She has that friend in me too! Well, I am the elder one, any which way, she would have to agree to this.

A similar bond I presumed online was between the creator sisters, Kritika Khurana and Deeksha Khurana, and I was pretty sure they would be perfect for this edition. I had earlier seen their bond and support online, and it was no different when I met them for the cover shoot. They were candid, looking out for each other, getting approval on their looks, and I instantly connected with them. 

And if siblings are like friends forever, friends are the chosen family we have. That’s why in this edition we spoke to creators about their siblings and sibling-like friends and friend-like siblings. 

Moving further beyond into the month, India observed its 74th Independence Day on 15th August. In 2021, freedom means a little more and a little different than it did earlier. Freedom on Social Media is a topic to be discussed at length. We connected with creators to know what they think about it. 

Coming to my excitement for September and why we at Ketchup team are looking forward to it? We are completing one year to our magazine launch, Ketchup’s baby that was born in the pandemic era, and we nurtured it to make it a remarkable event/date for us. Pretty dramatic, hmm? We released 11 editions, featured several creators, covered several stories,  nurtured relationships, saw a lot of last-minute changes, learned, and evolved through this journey of One year. Well, I am going to stop here, more on the sagas, for the one-year edition! Till then sift through this edition’s pages. 


Mrinil Mathur Rajwani

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