Last September, we at Social Ketchup released the first edition of Social Ketchup Magazine featuring BeYounick and 40+ creators. And ever since, we’ve grown multi-fold in terms of stories we cover, people we feature, and the community we build.

In these 12 months, some amazing creators like Aashna Shroff, Sherry Shroff, Ashish Chanchlani, Niharika NM, Komal Pandey, Siddharth Batra, Diipa Khosla, Meghna Kaur, Masoom Minawala, Sushant Divggikar, Kritika Khurana, and Deeksha Khurana graced the cover for Social Ketchup Magazine and 400+ creators across genres shared their experiences and expertise through these stories. This was impossible without the super supportive and amazing team I have at SK, the faith that the creator community bestowed upon us, and the love and support our readers showed us. 

A year later, we’ve tried to curate stories that talk about all things social, insights from experts, how the content creation industry has evolved and we also featured experiences of people who blessed our social media timelines with their content. 

The last year also saw tremendous growth in the gaming industry. Game streamers and creators have risen many folds, especially during the lockdown. And the industry is yet to be explored and become mainstream. The potential that gaming creators hold to influence culture is beyond one’s comprehension. Hence, I thought there was no one better than Techno Gamerz, aka Ujjwal Chaurasia, to represent the gaming industry and talk about how it boomed in the last year. 

As we celebrate our birthday, consider this edition as a token of love from our end to reminisce the year that was for the content creation industry. 



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