Social media comes to the rescue for the people and wildlife affected by Australian bushfire, as celebrities and others take to the internet for fundraising.

Australia has become prey to the worst kind of bush fire that has resulted in the loss of millions of wildlife, acres of forest and lives. People around the globe are working towards helping those who are affected by the fire. In their efforts to providing help, social media has become their sole medium to reach out to provide help. Considering the huge amount of stretch and influence that online media has, people are taking to social media asking help for the damage caused by the Australian bushfire. And they are going to extents to help raise the money.

Check out these crazy humans who went that extra mile to help Australia:

Nudes to anyone who donates $10 for Australia. Nude Model Kaylen Ward decided to do her part in becoming helpful to the people affected by the Australian bushfire. She was able to raise up to $700000.

YouTuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy decided to do the unusual. He climbed the Pyramid of Giza, Egypt to spread his message and encourage people to donate towards the bushfire relief fund. He was, however, jailed for five days.

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Sarah McClelland began an animal fun pack collection on her online website ‘Little bins for Little Hands’.

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Australian celebrities are auctioning their items and offering their talents as a favour to every donation made towards reviving the beautiful country. With many also taking up the opportunity at award shows to talk about the issue.

Not just adults, kids as young as 6-year-old are raising money. Owen a 6-year-old raised over $240000 through her clay work.

TikTokers to the rescue 

TikTokers across the globe are trying their best to make #SupportAustralia trend on the platform and organise different charities to help wildlife and humans.

Show your support and help out the beautiful Australian animals visit here.