10 Social Media Commandments for Couples

Amanda Mendonca
Oct 08, 2014 07:53 IST
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10 Social Media Commandments for Couples

So, Your boyfriend’s an avid social media user, and while you found it cute when he put up your latest couple selfie as his profile picture, his constant need to share everything about your relationship online is getting annoying, to be honest. Is it acceptable to get intimate online? And how much is too much? Perhaps these pointers can help you out:

  1. Thou shall not cyber stalk your ex.

Social media allows you to stay in touch with an ex even after you’ve broken up and moved on. Do not frantically check their social media updates to see if they’ve found someone new, or are having a better time than you are. It only leads to unnecessary feelings of jealousy and discontent. Same goes for old lovey-dovey pictures and posts that you and your ex were tagged in together - Untag  yourself.

  1. Thou shall not Google your newest crush

Everybody has skeletons in their closet, and everyone has a right to their own embarrassing and colorful past. Do not do a background search on your newest crush/date because what you find it may scar your perception of that person or do damage to a newly budding relationship.

  1. Thou shall not make your private life public

Information about your sex life should stay private. Your bedroom is where you and your partner are most comfortable being yourselves, where all your feelings and thoughts (and other things) are exposed. Do not invite other people in.

  1. Thou shall not over share

Your partner is entitled to personal information that you share only with them, and if you share the same with everyone online, it makes them feel less special, less close to you. Publicity tends to ruin intimacy.

  1. Thou shall not embarrass your partner online

If you want to post something they said, ask them if it’s okay and only then go ahead and share it. Love is crazy, and makes you do and say some pretty stupid things, but when you share these with everyone else it becomes a trifle embarrassing. You wouldn’t want to be tagged in a cosplay picture that your aunt AND your Parish priest can see.

  1. Thou shall not demand your partner’s passwords are shared with you.

Checking your partner’s social media accounts out of jealousy and suspicion is simply juvenile. It can cause several trust issues.

  1. Thou shall not have spats online

Keep your personal problems strictly offline. Do not wash your dirty linen in public by changing your status or display pictures - anything that may indicate the differences that you or your partner may be having in real life. Also, do not upload posts that are indirectly meant for you partner so that you can put your point across by way of passive aggression.

  1. Thou shall not kill the romance in your relationship

On a dinner date do not ignore your partner by clicking pictures of the food and uploading it on Instagram. Instead of checking in on foursquare and tagging your partner, engage him/ her in real time conversation. Stickers are not a substitute for flowers. Emoticons don’t match up to kisses. A whatsapp message does not have the same charm as a late night phone call does. Use social media to enhance your relationship, not destroy it.

  1. Thou shall decide when to draw the line

Couples should discuss what’s okay and what’s not okay to share about their relationship, especially if one person is more active on Social media than the other. In today’s world, where we are connected both personally and professionally on Social media it becomes very essential to be cautious of what we choose to share online, and keep in mind the consequences of doing so.

10. Thou shall not end a 4 year long relationship in 140 characters

This one’s a no brainer. Do not break up with your partner on social media, for everyone to see. Not only is it rude and uncouth, it is also embarrassing for your partner; who also has to deal with the heartbreak of the relationship being over. Same goes for proposals. Life altering moments should happen in REAL life.

Abc is now IN AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP with Xyz.

300 Likes. 40 Comments.

(Great, now the whole world knows, including your High school Professor and your Boss)

You sigh, shake your head and remind yourself to tell your boyfriend to read this article.

Xyz is offline.

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