Simran Daswani and Funyaasi share their thoughts about dating in a world where women call the shots!

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Creators Simran Daswani along with Dhruv and Shubham from Funyaasi talk about finding love on dating apps for women where they call the shots! Scroll through the article to know more.

Remember when Madhuri sang ‘badi mushkil, baba badi mushkil,’ well that’s exactly what it feels like to be a single woman looking for ‘the one’. Especially if you’re a hopeless romantic, the need to find that fairytale love story always ends with disappointment.“I think yes! I am a hopeless romantic only because I believe there’s still pure love for you in this chaotic world. And to me, love and romance go hand-in-hand. It's to care about a person unconditionally.” Simran Daswani said. Even though we found a way to reach the moon, built a car that can self-park, and practically made the whole world converge onto our phones, finding love still seems like an unattainable goal. The closest they came was to put a medium at the tip of our fingers. "I used to be (hopeless romantic), honestly. But I think with time, and my share of experiences, I have come to realize that being a hopeless romantic can affect your inner peace in many ways. And I value my inner peace more now,” adds Shubham (Funyaasi). We went from our parents looking for ideal suitors for us to swiping right for a way out of the agony i.e., singlehood. Although the perimeters of love and lust may have been smudged with these dating apps, we cannot ignore the ease it has given us to connect with a stranger who may potentially be ‘the one’ we’re looking for. Talking about dating apps, Simran said, “I personally think online dating is fun! You get to explore and talk to so many people. And it's great for those who are a little shy at first like me!” 

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Dating apps have definitely become a lifeline for anyone who finds it difficult to find someone IRL. Let’s be honest, not everyone finds someone smiling at them from across the room or falls in love with a best friend! Dhruv from Funyaasi added, “It’s definitely a great platform for people to connect and create amazing bonds but I do feel it’s very superficial with loads of filters on interests as well as pictures. Most of the people would hit the DMs of those accounts that have the top bio and attractive DP. I don’t think it is my cup of tea. I am more of an old school kind who would like to find a person through happenstances rather than going on an app with a mindset of finding one.”

Dating apps have also changed over the years. They have moved away from the traditional, patriarchal, and heteronormative practices of finding love. These apps that have been helping strangers connect are navigating into becoming a more inclusive platform while giving women the chance to call the shots. Calling them ‘women-led Apps’ where instead of the man making the first move, it’s the women who get to start the conversation. Hey, any feature to ignore the creeps is welcome, right? 

Being a woman herself, Simran is a stan of women-led dating apps. She finds them much safer as compared to some of the creeps she met in the past on other generic dating apps. But as men, we asked the same of Funyaasi, and according to Shubham, life's too short to wait for things to happen for you. He says, “especially if you want them to happen. If you feel strongly for something or someone, take charge!” Dhruv believes that it could be anyone taking the charge as long as it’s about their feelings and not just another rebound to their past relationships. “It is better to express your feelings to the right person instead of going around in circles asking your friends whether you should wait for the other person to make the first move.” 

Dhruv also said these apps prioritize crucial factors with a women-focused perspective and need. According to Shubham, these women-led dating apps come from a point of view that is unique to their individual personality and that’s what makes it all the more interesting. In their efforts to revolutionize dating, most of these ‘women-led’ dating apps have created various trends that are taking over the Gen Z dating life. Most of them are also a way to help people decide how they want the relationship to progress. When asked if they were aware of any of these new dating trends, Simran said, “Oh yes! I recently found out about “Dry dating” where the couple does everything together except physical romance of any manner. Not even a kiss and that's so not me, lol.” Dhruv says, “I recently got to know about the term ‘open relationship’ where the partners are in a relationship but are also allowed to go on dates with new people as well. I found it kind of fascinating but weird at the same time (not going to lie). ‘Hardballing’ is another thing I came across, where the person is very upfront about his/her expectations from the relationship before going out on the first date (professional strategists have left the chat).” Shubham added, “I think, with time, I have come to an understanding that emotional intelligence is more important than physical attractiveness and that’s also what I look for while dating online.”


Dating trends that you may have heard of:

Dry Dating: It's all about sober love. More like going for a latte over a glass of wine or any other alcoholic beverage. Can we call it the old school ‘coffee date?’

Slow Dating: Getting to know someone and making a connection with the person before pursuing a relationship. More like ‘casual friends the phir best friends hogaye. Best friends se phir love start hogaya’. 

Power PDA: Holding hands, kissing when among your friends; basically PDA in public that was once cringy is now considered cool.

Fast-Forwarding: Looking for all the green flags. See if your partner fits in all your future plans.

Hard Balling: Making all the expectations from a relationship clear. Being blunt right from the start.

Cookie-Jarring: Maintaining contact with other potential fall-back options simultaneously.

Cushioning: Breaking up with someone in a nice way.


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