Instagram unveils fresh features and subscription models for creators and consumers

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Know more about Instagram's latest features and subscription models, set to redefine creator-consumer interactions. 

Instagram is excited to announce a significant milestone: the platform now boasts of over 2 million active subscriptions to creators. This achievement highlights the growing engagement and support within the Instagram community for creators who share their unique content and connect with their audience in meaningful ways. In addition to reaching this impressive milestone, Instagram has introduced a new feature designed to enhance the subscription experience for both creators and their followers.

The subscription stories teaser is a tool that teases the subscriber-only content to non-subscribers. When a creator posts exclusive content, this feature presents a glimpse of what subscribers have access to, enticing non-subscribers with a sneak peek. Moreover, it offers them a convenient option to subscribe directly from the creator's story, streamlining the process and encouraging more users to support their favorite creators. This feature not only empowers creators to monetize their content effectively but also fosters a sense of community and engagement among their followers. Today, Instagram is continuously building on the offering by rolling out tests for new tools that can help creators grow their subscription successfully!

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Here's how!

In-app guidance

Instagram is testing the availability of case studies, best practices, and recommendations in the Professional Dashboard.

Subscriptions sticker tap insight

The platform is also testing a new insight feature that allows creators to view the number of people tapping on the subscribe sticker in a creator's story, potentially indicating interest in subscribing.

Subscription content protection

They are testing new methods to prevent screenshots and screen recordings in order to safeguard a creator's exclusive content.

Rolling out hidden words on threads

Alongside with these developments, Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, last night, announced a Threads feature on his own Threads account, stating, “Today on Threads, we’re expanding Hidden Words, which until now only were applied to replies, so you can filter out unwanted content from feeds, search, profiles, and post replies on Threads. We’re also testing ways to select who can quote you and the ability to mute notifications on your posts. I hope these features give you more control over your experience on Threads and help keep it a place for positive conversation. Let me know what you think, especially if you’re in the tests” 

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