In other news of absurd trends, Instagram’s 1-sec videos are the new sensation!

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Instagram’s 1-sec videos

If your brain has frozen at all the 1-sec videos you come across on Instagram, keep reading to find out why it works.

Instagram’s algorithm has always seemed dicey. As a regular user bombarded with videos to scroll through daily, we are often left wondering why a certain video has the views it does. We have all seen videos with zero context and bad videography with millions of views, while the carefully crafted ones suffer and get hardly noticed. But the people seemed to have cracked the code to get those views

We have seen videos that were longer than 1 second gaining the highest traction become part of the viral video list. This includes the most random video of a football freestyler from Kerala kicking a football into a waterfall. The mystery of whether the 399+ million views are a result of people’s curiosity or because of Instagram’s algorithm will remain unknown. But what we all know for sure is the trick that algorithms can play.

After much experience, people on the internet have decided to experiment with it themselves to see if anything and everything can get views online. They are giving Instagram the run for its money with the random 1-second videos that seem to garner enough views. 

But why are these Reels still working?

One Reddit user wrote the reason for the trend was just people trying to game the algorithm under the assumption that videos get better reach. Meanwhile, another Reddit user noticed how Instagram's reach on posts and pictures as compared to Reels has reduced relatively. When people convert the same post into a 1-second video it gets more reach and impressions with a higher chance of reaching the explore page.

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Why are posts now a second long video?

byu/Duckattak inInstagram

No matter the reason why we are forced to spend more than a second on their videos and watch them on a loop, it surely has the people online interested. There has been a surge of such 1-sec videos online and here are a few that we loved.

Check out these videos:

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