4 People to Avoid on Social Media This Valentine's Season

Rakesh Kumar
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4 People to Avoid on Social Media This Valentine's Season

As we approach towards Valentine's day, social media takes a turn for the worse. Your timeline and newsfeed begins to look strange as Arvind Kejriwal is replaced by love quotes. The days preceding 14th February are some of the most painful for the ones who till now were having a normal existence on Twitter and Facebook.

And I am one of them. I don't care about Valentine's day. I don't care about #ForeverAlone. All I want is to have a timeline that makes sense.

Brands Celebrating Valentine's Day

brands to avoid this valentine's day

Your newsfeed/timeline will be filled with brands who want to celebrate the Valentine's day with all of you; doesn't matter whether it resonates with their positioning or not. All they want is to ride the V-day wave and generate impressions so that the client is happy. Wait.. What do you mean by relevance of the contest with the brand's objectives?

Influencers Pimping These Contests

Let me be honest, influencers are kinda like normal happy people living a normal happy life. They are just like you and me. And then full moon rises which turns them into crazy people who spew tweets faster than Russell Peters can speak. If you're friends with such people, you better mute them. Since the above brands are going all gangsta with their contests, they will be roping in these influencers to "spread the word" around.

influencers are tweeting

The In-Love Couples

Why too much mush yo!? I know you are in love but please don't make my Facebook newsfeed smell of rainbows and unicorns. I like it clean and white, not pink and purple. Please stop sharing the love quotes by Jason Marz and Marilyn Monroe. Wait.. let me go to your Facebook profile. And un-check the "Following" button.

Phew! Sanity is restored.

lovey dovey couples on facebook

#ForeverAlone Folks

foreveralone valentine's day

Okay I can totally understand you folks. I am a single person and I have been in that situation. But does it really matter if you don't have a date this Valentine's day? Why so weepy? It's just another day. And all this emo won't help ya. Trust me. But you are successful in making me sad and depressed with your updates. PLEASE HAVE MERCY AND STOP!

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