Iconic Christmas scenes from movies and shows to revisit this holiday season

With Christmas arriving next week , let's revisit some of the shows and movies that had some really good Christmas scenes.

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Holiday season

With Christmas arriving soon, let's revisit the shows and movies that had some really good Christmas scenes.

Christmas is all about spreading joy, eating the best plum cakes and watching some really good Christmas content that further adds joy to our festive season. There have been many shows and movies that have highlighted the festival of Christmas. What can be a better way to celebrate this holiday season than revisiting some really light hearted shows and movies with Christmas vibes.?!

Check out the iconic shows and movies for this holiday season:

The Office (US) - Amazon Prime

Every season had a Christmas special episode in this iconic show. But the most memorable Christmas was the one in which Michael gets an oven mitt from Phyllis as a secret Santa gift.


Operation Christmas drop - Netflix

The base has a yearly tradition of airlifting goods to the citizens of Guam for Christmas. Andrew ( an Air Force captain) shows Erica ( congressional assistant) around the base various islands and demonstrates that the tradition is worthwhile .


Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets - Amazon Prime

This is the visual audience experiences before Harry, Ron and Hermione use Polyjuice Potion to disguise their appearance. The great hall is an amazing visual after all, right?


Dash and Lily- Netflix

This series is a sweet rom-com that revolves around Christmas and if you are looking for a light and fun series, this one is for you.


The Holiday

This movie is a must-watch for this season. The scene is particularly memorable because it is the only sequence where the two lead female actors of the film, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz share screen space.


How I met your mother - Hotstar

How Lily stole Christmas is one of the most loved episodes in How I met your mother.


Little Women - Amazon Prime

This scene is a testament to the kind hearted nature of the March sisters. They sacrifice their own Christmas breakfast for Children in need.


Schitt's Creek - Netflix

Who can forget this memorable scene where Johnny tries to give a special Christmas to his family.


Modern Family - Hotstar

Modern family has many Christmas episodes but this particular scene is from the first Christmas episode season 1.


Love Actually

One of the best rom coms, this important Christmas scene is towards the end of the film.


Friends - Netflix

Friends too has a line up of many Christmas episodes but this scene in season 7 is one special scene where Ross dresses up an armadillo.


Last Christmas

A movie that revolves around the festive vibes and has some really good scenes to watch on a Christmas night.


Elf- Netflix

This movie again is considered one of the best Christmas movies. Elf arrives to the north pole to visit his father, but then he ends up going to this north pole store.


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