Songs that became a part of our playlists courtesy of internet challenges

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We're sure that some parts of several songs are stuck in your head thanks to the various internet challenges that went viral. If you still haven't figured out which songs they're from, check out this list!

Internet challenges have made songs popular with “no-name”. You are crazed just like everybody else is with a chunk of a song, but don’t know its name or haven’t heard it in its entirety. Sometimes you even find yourself surprised to find out the song, and can’t believe that the chunk was part of that particular song. 

Many old gems have also come up in recent times and have become popular with the millennials because of viral internet challenges. Though the problem is taking the time and effort to seek out those songs.  The song is stuck in your head and all you want to do is find out what the name of the song is and make it a part of your music playlist. But it's hard and time-consuming to find a song from a chunk of 60 seconds, isn't it?

Well, we took the effort of making a list of some of the most trending and Viral Songs of 2020, that have earned the place to be in our playlist thanks to internet challenges.

Take a look here and be surprised:


And of course our very own, Main Tera!

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