Actor Sonu Sood, an engineer by qualification, reaches out to friends and connects with professionals from skill training to set up a new employment initiative for migrants.

Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood after helping migrants to safely reunite with their families in their respective villages, has now taken up the task to help people get employment in these difficult times.

He recently helped a software engineer secure a job after she was fired. According to a video uploaded on Twitter, the engineer was fired during the lockdown due to Covid-19 and was forced to sell vegetables for a living.

Earlier this month, he launched a new initiative that will help migrants get employment or secure their jobs. Named Pravasi Rojgar, the app and website provide all the necessary information and links to find jobs for the migrant and skilled workers.

“There is an immediate need for helping these people with jobs so I launched this initiative on my own. I have roped in professionals to help, who are giving their time and resources driven by altruism,” Sood said.

The new initiative will be partnering with local community-based organisations, NGOs, Panchayats, government-supported entities like Common Service Centres for community outreach.

It will also pave into Learnet Skills’ physical centres to connect to migrants. They shall be counselled and trained under proper guidance. The website will digitally connect employers with employees seeking jobs. Data of job seekers shall be collated, they’d be provided help to create a profile, assess their skills and train them.

“We have been training people and helping them get jobs. But the Covid-19 experience has to some extent broken the confidence between the employers and employees. That’s where the trust these migrant workers have on Sonu Sood helps us connect with them. We are leveraging on the strength of each other,” said RCM Reddy, managing director and chief executive officer of Schoolnet. 

Netizens are pouring their hearts and birthday wishes for him: 

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