Garba nights are here and they’re as zestful as ever. Many of us enjoy getting dressed and participating in the Navratri celebrations that go on for 9 days. Besides being a cultural fest, Navratri also gives us a chance to reconnect with our love for our favourite folk dance with our loved ones. While dancing for hours at a stretch has a different kind of excitement attached to it, it is often followed by sore feet courtesy of the non-stop dancing. Worry not, you won’t have to compromise with enjoying all days of Navratri just the same. We have some sore feet remedies that are super easy and will return the pep in your step.

Try these sore feet remedies to make sure your body feels just as excited as you for Garba nights:

1) Wear comfortable footwear

Make sure while you go out to play Garba you don’t wear heels and/or shoes with broken soles. The thin sole can directly affect the feet and cause pain. So always choose the right pair of footwear. 

2) Warm-cold baths

Make a mixture of warm water and vinegar. And take another bucket of cold water. Sit in a chair and soak your feet in hot water. After 5 mins, soak them in cold water. Repeat this simultaneously. This “hydromassage” alternately dilates and constricts blood vessels in your feet, boosting circulation and hence relieving the pain in your feet.

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3) Massage

Roll your bare feet over a tennis ball, golf ball or rolling pin for several minutes. To make a stimulating massage oil to soothe foot pain, combine 3 drops clove oil with 3 tablespoons sesame oil. Mix the ingredients well and massage the oils into your aching feet.

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4) Elevate your feet

It’s important to ensure there’s a nice flow of blood throughout your legs and feet. The best way is to elevate your feet a little when you go to sleep. Place a pillow below your feet to elevate them a little and soothe your pain.

5) Ice pack

If the pain is too much and you’re too lazy after the hardcore Garba session that you had, get an ice pack and put it over the desired area.

6) Epsom salt 

Epsom salt has been used for hundreds of years as a healing agent and pain reliever. The magnesium in Epsom salt can be absorbed through the skin, increasing magnesium levels in the body. This can reduce swelling and pain.

7) Slather some lotion

Before sleeping at night, choose any one of these — your favourite body lotion, petroleum jelly or virgin olive oil — and apply this generously to your feet. Now wear a pair of socks and go to bed. 

Sore feet Remedies

We hope these sore feet remedies make you feel better so you can enjoy the rest of Navratri!