Here’s how the viral Space Samosa got the internet cracking after Chai Walla’s attempt ended with the samosa landing in France.

Samosa is one desi snack that has its own fan base. It is that snack that goes well as an evening snack or morning breakfast. It would not be wrong to say that samosa lovers have their own secret cult, fantasising over this delicious desi snack. The love for the snack can only be described as out of the world. And a UK based restaurant Chai Walla literally tried to make it happen. This Space Samosa story has gone viral since.

Niraj Gadher owner of the popular Indian Fast-food restaurant in Bath tired to sent Samosa in space. He used helium balloons armed with a GoPro and GPS to put the desi snack in space. The owner made a complete video filming the whole process.

Check it out:

He can be seen setting up the rocket for the samosa in the hilarious video that went viral. Although the mission failed, it succeeds to some extent. Instead of going to space, the samosa crash-landed in France. Niraj asked people to help him track it down. One of his followers from France, Alex Mathon volunteered to contribute to finding the samosa ‘spaceship’. Alex was able to find the missing remains, including the GoPro and the GPS.

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