Check out how these Spanish male teachers are changing the game by wearing a skirt to school to show their support to the students.

Growing up was always about watching our adults and learning from them. While we had parents and elder siblings at home, we had teachers from school to prepare us for the outside world. They inspired us not only by sharing their knowledge from books or by correcting our grammar, they also taught us how to behave and to be better human beings. Three Spanish male teachers are setting an example with their actions and living it up to the tag of a teacher.

School is the only place other than home where kids really learn and therefore it has a great impact on the way one grows up. One thing that the world is discussing and has opened up about is how people should be allowed to be their true selves. The idea that gender doesn’t define how a person dresses up, especially since clothes don’t have gender is something that every human being should accept and adapt. We’ve seen people supporting this idea on the internet while some still restrain from accepting it IRL. An incident in a school encouraged the teachers to take charge. A boy was expelled from school after he decided to own his truth and wear a skirt. To show their support, three Spanish male teachers decided to make a point and wear skirts to their lectures. This led to a protest that saw a lot of support as soon as many other students joined them.

The protest started when a Math teacher, Jose Piñas decided to show his support for his 15-year-old student, Mikel Gómez who was expelled from school because of his attire. While the student was not only expelled for promoting gender nonconformity, he was also recommended a psychiatrist. The student shared a video on TikTok talking about the incident causing the #ClothesHaveNoGender to start trending. Other teachers joined Jose too as they wore skirts every day to school in May after another student was bullied with homophobic slurs. These Spanish male teachers are encouraging their students to wear whatever they want without being ashamed of who they are. They are setting an example for the world and contributing to a better society.

These teachers are the examples that every kid needs in the world.

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