Mahendra Singh Dhoni's split gives birth to hilarious Dhoni memes

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a man that can never stay out of the news, or the limelight. His exploits with the Indian Cricket Team have ensured iconic status for the maestro. But this weekend, he became something else! He became the template for some of the most ridiculous Dhoni memes.

Now the mere mention of Dhoni memes could make you the target for a man who is loved by millions across the country, but if you look at what happened during the India Vs New Zealand T20 match. To avoid getting stumped, Dhoni, who had ventured outside the crease, had to channel his inner Jean Claude Van Damme and perform a split that could put some athletes to shame!

Dhoni memes This is the original image!

As a fellow wicketkeeper, Dhoni is not only lightning fast when it comes to stumping other batsmen, but is also comfortable with denying his wicket to other wicketkeepers. Check out all the Dhoni memes that flooded social media courtesy to that gymnast moment from (ex) Captain Cool.

1. Do you hear the sweet chin music?

Dhoni memes Dhoni memes

2. Damn Dhoni memes Dhoni memes3. Geometrically sound!

Dhoni memes Dhoni memes

4. Personal Favourite xDDhoni memes

5. It's called Balance. Google it. Dhoni memes

6. Helicopter kick outta nowhere!Dhoni memes

7. Personal Favourite 2!Dhoni memes Dhoni memes

8. Okay who did this!?

Dhoni memes

9. Just give him the Kabaddi World Cup already.Dhoni memes

Dhoni memes10. This is Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dhoni memes

11. Oh would you look at the time! It's the time for not out.

Dhoni memes

12. Look closelyDhoni memes

13. HahahahDhoni memes

14. Spider Dhoni, Spider Dhoni, does whatever an all rounder can.Dhoni memes

15. Brace yourselves :DDhoni memes

16. The winner.Dhoni memes

Dhoni memes all the way!

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