Spoiler Alert: The She-Hulk finale smashed the fourth wall and how

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She-Hulk finale

K.E.V.I.N, dig on trolls and a lot more, the She-Hulk finale was everything we could expect from Jen Walters!

This is a Marvel appreciation post, mostly for letting Attorney Of Law Jennifer Walters become part of the MCU and giving us one of the best season finales so far. This appreciation comes from the sheer satisfaction of having watched Marvel do something no fan was expecting, which was to troll them in some capacity. The MCU was having a gala time with all its television debuts carrying the stories of some of the popularly loved characters. But if there was any show that saw people calling the creators out ever since its teaser was released it's She-Hulk. But with the finale, the show hit it out of the park.

The pre-final episode ended with the lawyer's attackers dropping a huge bomb. The 'We hate She-Hulk' community of men (surprise) who have been questioning her over her superpowers used revenge porn as a way to get Jen (Tatiana Maslany) to Hulk out and it worked. She's taken to the Department of Damage Control's supermax prison and let out under certain conditions. But Jen being a lawyer is set to find out the people who were responsible for her lashing out at the event and that ends with a lot of cameos and characters coming back. But, the finale was everything and fans were definitely not assuming the episode to take the direction it did and that makes this action-comedy different.

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Over the course of the show, Jen was shown staying true to her character and breaking the fourth wall. The finale was the wildest wall break to ever happen especially for an MCU project. The finale was headed to the cliche 'bad guy takes the serum and gets superhuman powers.' And instead of playing her part, Jen literally smashes the Disney logo and walks out of the story to confront the writers.


While they're not the only people there she hopes to meet to take the story ahead, she meets K.E.V.I.N. And no it is not Kevin Feige (who we almost thought would make a cameo) but an AI who controls the entire MCU timeline.


MCU was always praised for not messing with the quality of its TV shows but She-Hulk had a different response. And the show casually addressed it by mentioning how the CGI is expensive and the VFX team has moved on to the next project while Black Panther's (the next release) theme plays in the background


Not to forget the episode starts with the showrunners recreating a parody of the 1996 movie, Incredible Hulk with Jen and Bruce, making a man play the part of She-Hulk.

The show was able to bring back some of the most loved characters like Matt Mardock aka Daredevil, Abomination, and Wong giving us a new perspective on their characters. But the finale introduced a new character adding to our excitement for the future and opening the store for the World War Hulk movie. Now that we have three characters from the World War Hulk comics, we can't wait to know when the last two will be introduced.


Special mention to this iconic moment!


All the episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney of Law are now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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