Spookiest Indian movies you can watch this Halloween

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Spookiest Indian movies

There is nothing more exciting than watching Horror movies with our siblings. We made a list of some of the spookiest Indian movies to watch on Halloween night.

Indian Cinema, horror genre, has now started receiving the reputation that it rightly deserves. There has been wide acceptance for spooky movies positioned towards folklore and mythology instead of importing western tropes containing overdramatic background scores and sketchy makeup. Bollywood Industry has witnessed an upward curve lately in the horror genre and has given some of the best spooky movies to the Indian Cinema.

The Indian Cinema horror movies are spooky as they give a sinister spin to everyday objects, though they exist outside the realm of logic and rationale. Apart from masala stories in the commercial cinema, India cinema has created spooky movies which certainly has the potential to keep you awake for nights and make you reconsider the existence of ghosts. Here is a list of some of the most spooky Bollywood films to watch on Halloween night.

Check out these spookiest Indian movies:



Horror Story





Bees Saal Baad







Are you ready to get spooked?

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