Every city has a haunted place, and every haunted place has a spooky story. This Halloween we’ve listed down some of the haunted and spooky areas in Mumbai which will surely give you the chills.

Never in history has a get-together ended without cousins sitting down at midnight and discussing crazy spooky stories. Although the darkroom and the blanket help mellow the scares a little, we never get over these stories. We have all heard several stories about various spooky and haunted areas in our city that we have visited or wish to visit. There are a number of such spooky areas in Mumbai that have an eerie back story to it.

Check out the latest list of spooky areas in Mumbai for a good old Halloween chill:

Aarey milk colony
The colony has been in the news for several things from the latest felling of trees, to leopards and crimes too. But there’s also a haunted side to it. It is said that the ghost of a woman happens to be part of this forest who appears to be a hitchhiker and often turns violent against innocent passers-by.

St. John’s Baptist church
This church is believed to be abandoned ever since a bride’s spirit culminated at the location after an exorcism was held in 1977. The church was earlier cleared following an epidemic way back in 1840. However, the place is still considered haunted and spooky by many.

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Apparently places of worship and ghost stories are not the most likely combination, but imagine this being a reality. Nothing can be scarier than that, right? Well, Andheri East is home to such a tale of faith and fear and standing witness to it is the St. John's Baptist Church. Founded in 1579, this church was left to ruins in 1840 due to an epidemic. Abandoned and isolated, the church was soon associated with the spirit of a young bride who disturbed people in the vicinity. In 1977, an exorcism was carried out to ward off the evil spirit. It is documented that the people present there heard screams, laughter and wailing when the priest was undertaking the process and it ended with the sound of a loud splash in the church pond killing all the fish. Since that day, no one has reported any incident of its presence but a little precaution never hurt anyone. ( Sources: https://thetraveljunkieblog.com/2015/01/29/st-johns-baptist-church-500-years-old-church/ http://www.ghoststoriesworld.com/haunted-places-of-india/the-spirit-which-haunted-for-300-years-at-st-johns-baptist-church https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/destinations/a-city-that-never-sleepsmumbais-most-haunted-places/amp_articleshow/48469214.cms )

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D’Souza Chawl
The ghost that haunts this place after sunset is that of a woman who had an untimely death by falling into a well nearby. Her spirit is said to disturb the people of the area at night.

Mukesh mills
Even if there is no actual ghost or spirit, the whole ambience of the mill makes it scary and spooky. This mill was abandoned after a fire broke out and ruined the building.

Have you been to any of these places? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.