Fans hit a sixer with their IPL memes that will leave your head spinning with laughter!

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The newest season of IPL kicked off this month and just like watching our favorite teams against each other, we are super excited for all the funniest IPL memes that followed.

It's IPL season! For the next few months, you're going to see many turn a deaf ear to conversations in the office, and you're going to see many be oblivious to a conversation with you because their whole attention is going to be completely focused on the IPL season. It may be a crazy reaction, but that is how the IPL craze takes over India in every corner. From the first commencement match that happened on the 22nd of March between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings followed by Punjab Kings vs Delhi Capitals to the Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans on the 26th, people have been looking forward to what every team has to offer. But like every year, it's not just about watching the boys play it out on the field, but the hilarious take that each of the matches brings on. We know a season has been successful with the number of memes that it encourages online and this season is not different. 

With every win and every loss since the season started, the internet has been enjoying the fun IPL memes. It has been a meme fest on X and Instagram that viewers watching can relate to for the next few months. In case you're looking for memes to share and view the already-completed IPL matches, we did a round on the internet and came across a few memes we think you would enjoy.

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Check out the crazy IPL memes that we have seen over the past two weeks:

Did we miss out on adding any memes to the list above? Tell us in the comment section below.

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