Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan! Thank you for existing

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Nov 02, 2017 11:03 IST
Shah Rukh Khan

Another year, another arbitrary number assigned to the King of hearts, of silver screens, of Twitter banter! Shah Rukh Khan celebrates his birthday, and we’re just happy that he finds the time to tweet!

Forever young, King Khan is also forever mischievous and witty as you may know if you follow his #AskSRK sessions closely.

You would think that the fun ends when Twitterati pester Shah Rukh Khan with some of the weirdest questions in hopes that he might be amused, and end up replying, but no one is actually prepared for the fact that he might not only reply, but end up making you fall in love with him all over again.

One of the nicest guys on Twitter, here are some examples of Shah Rukh Khan and his wit, grace and kindness in full display!

1. FM chaalu hai kya?

Shah Rukh Khan

2. Poor Ashish.Shah Rukh Khan

3. HahahaShah Rukh Khan

4. Really need a 'Are you sure you want to tweet this?' button!Shah Rukh Khan

5. Satya vachanShah Rukh Khan

6. Life lessons in under 140 characters.Shah Rukh Khan

7. Nahi yaar, modest mat ban.Shah Rukh Khan

8. Wapas toh aayegi but tumhare paas nahi....Shah Rukh Khan

9. Seems legit 

Shah Rukh Khan Source

10. and paisaaaaa

Shah Rukh Khan Source

11. He's just like the rest of us.

Shah Rukh Khan Source

12. He knows.Shah Rukh Khan

13. Dad jokes, Dad jokes everywhere.

Shah Rukh Khan14. Estate agents are on Twitter?Shah Rukh Khan

15. The best demonstration of how nice this guy actually is!Shah Rukh Khan

Happy Birthday SRK. We hope you live forever!

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