As popular public outrage would dictate, I should have ‘Were you living under a rock?’ yelled at my face because I did know these standup comedians! Although I have changed my man since I discovered and loved these guys.

Stuff changed this year. A lot of stuff. Standup comedy as a genre, fueled by my inner free 1GB internet per day monster began to consume YouTube videos like oxygen is to breathing, and I realized Adam Sandler had stopped being funny years ago, and found myself not laughing along with the Big Bang Theory laugh track. It truly was the best medicine, but I was experiencing a scarcity. No Pretentious Movie Reviews, AIB videos became rare, and I had devoured every video of all the popular stand up comedians I knew, until I found these guys.

So, now I have more stuff to secretly watch while working until I have to switch the tab when my boss walks by, or burn the midnight oil with a muffled laugh under the sheets. I know you’ll be judging me big time, but I did not know these standup comedians but now I do. I sure do!

1. Anirban Dasgupta

2. Sonali Thakker

She doesn’t share her work on YouTube or other platforms, although she’s hilarious and you should catch a show when she’s in your town!

3. Kunal Kamra

I wasn’t very active on YouTube okay! Stop judging me for not knowing him.

4. Rahul Subramaniam

I thought he was just an actor! WTF

5. Siddharth Dudeja

Bilkul interest nahi hai isko lekin fun aaya dekh kar.

6. Sumukhi Suresh

Sumukhi’s sketches are short, crisp and cheeky! Aur video upload karo behen.

7. Jaspreet Singh

8. Abijit Ganguly

9. Urooj Ashfaq

10. Karunesh Talwar

Well, this was my dose of funny this year.