Check out all these Star Wars illustrations and artworks by fans from across the globe on International Star Wars Day.

There is the real world and then there is the Star Wars universe, one that is so unique and mindboggling that every fan wants to be a part of it. The force is all they seek and fighting the rebels is all they want to do. We have all tried to be a Jedi master, move an object or dodge a fake blaster with our fake lightsaber. Hell, we even believed that a place like Tatooine exists. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” still gets us super excited and say what you want but Master Yoda will always be our OG therapist. George Lucas released the 1st trilogy of this epic franchise in 1977 and even after all these years, this saga continues to amaze fans across the world. The world continues to celebrate May 4th as Star Wars Day. While this franchise originally started with just movies, multiple TV series and shows were made on Star Wars over the years to come.

Even today, the Star Wars fever is so real that we cannot miss out on the opportunity to sit back and re-watch the entire saga. Today is proof of what this franchise means to us all. The day came into being celebrated by the fans as a result of the pun ‘May The Fourth be with you’ which originated from the iconic catchphrase in the movie ‘May The Force Be With You.’

Over the years, we have seen innumerable artworks, illustrations, reels, videos and trends surrounding Star Wars from over the globe. And as Han Solo said ‘We know’ you would love to check them out today.

Take a look all this fan art.

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