If you are feeling sad and low, check out these song covers by Stavya Kaila on Instagram to lift your spirits.

No matter what the mood, there is nothing that a good dose of music cannot fix. Music and song and left the saddest soul up and make us believe in love and freedom. It is what makes our life simpler and bearable. Artists on various platforms are the reason good music reached out to people. And Stavya Kaila is using Instagram to take his music to the world.

Instagram is one big platform that is helping small-scale artists to grow and build their own audiences. Stavya is doing the same and filling our feed with his amazing song covers. His husky and melodious voice has given some of our most favorite Bollywood songs a new twist and we are loving it. One can spend hours scrolling through his page and not have enough of his songs. We made a list of some of his song cover that you need to check out.

Check out these videos:

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