Beauty trends are longer only aimed at being beautiful, it is about going crazy and wild. There have been a number of wild and strange nail trends of the decade. Check out these trends.

After a long, crazy and tiring week, all that you’re looking for is a self-pampering session at the Salon. Be it a relaxing & soothing spa or getting a haircut and mani-pedi. Salon time is the me-time that makes you feel no less than a Queen crowned on the royal throne. It is the time when you forget your phone, social media & everything else and just let yourself loose while your beautician works their magic.

Beauty has now been at the helm of the list of things which has gone through bedazzling innovation. From bold outfits and makeup, women are now even making bold choices in beautifying their nails. Gone are those days of painting the regular reds and pinks on your nails. We did some recce and came across some strange, weird and bold nail art inspirations that have been trending across the globe. Call them crazy, disgusting, shocking or love them, but these nail arts have been spotted often and are making the waves. So let your creative juices flow and get ready to welcome some hard or soft(mostly hard) stares. If you have OCD and clean nails every now and then, we would just like to give you a word of caution, be prepared to cringe.

Check out these weird nail trends of the decade:

1.   Birthday Nails
This art is not just weird but insane. We all love but birthdays but do you love it so much that you would have a real candle lit up on your nails? Well, some do.


















2.   Blinking Eye nails
Who said eye makeup is only for your eyes? You can now ear it on your nails too.

3.   Chocolate Nails
Do you swear by chocolate? Always craving for one? Well, serial chocolate bingers have gone an extra mile to prove their love for chocolate. They now carry edible chocolate on their nails. If you’re on a diet, we would rather have you skip this.

4.   Cigarette Nails
Cigarettes might be unhealthy for your body. So now rather than inhaling it in your body, you can wear it on your nails.

5.   Colour Pencil Nails
Bitten by the creative bug? Well, wear these coloured pencils on your nails and the world is your canvas. Draw your creativity anywhere and everywhere.

6.   Comb Nails
Tired of bad hair days? This comb nail art will never let you have a bad hair day again.

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7.   Corkboard Nails
This is weird. Let’s just leave it at that.


8.   Hairy Nails
If there was a superlative for gross, we would like to describe this trend with that term. They said you should stay careful about having hair in your food. Wonder with this trend, how does one eat.

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9.   Pierced Nails
The trend of getting piercings is quite old. We have seen people getting piercings at the weirdest parts of their body and now, even the nails aren’t spared.

10.  Reptile Nails
Of all the strange nail trends, this makes us cringe the most.

11.  Scorpion Nails
Yes, this nail trend not just exists but is one of the most popular one.

12.  Spaghetti Nails
Why not express your love for food through your nails?


13.  Spiral Nails
All that this nail trend makes us think is, how do you live with it practically?

14. Period Nails
A lady needs to own her chums. I mean, what can a girl ask for than having tampons at the fingertips during an emergency.

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 Would you recommend or try any of these nail art? Tell us in the comments below.