Stranger Things 3: The Hawkins’ gang is back and netizens love them more than ever!

Mansi Mirani
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Stranger Things 3

The much awaited third installment of the super hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, has finally released and fans are ecstatic! The sci-fi horror show based in the town of Hawkins in the 80s revolves around a group of kids (who are no more kids FYI!) who seem to find themselves in trouble due to monsters and ghouls. Guess monsters don’t just exist under our beds anymore! Not since 2016 anyway. Twitterati is out with its verdict of the third season and it all looks ‘spooky enough’ as of now!

While the Season 2 hadn’t received as much praise, and thrived only under the shadow of the success of its predecessor; Stranger Things 3 has a strong plot and keeps the viewers wanting for more. This time, it’s not just about the troubles from the ‘outside’, there is a strain between characters as well, as they enter teenage and dynamics change. Mike and Eleven have a blossoming romance between them that doesn’t sit very well with her father –Hopper (who btw is trying to woo Joyce!) Other characters see a significant development as well, which was said to be a loophole in second season where they didn’t really seem to have a story. Of course, there are new literal monsters to deal with as well!

Looking at the people’s reactions on Twitter, it seems the two-year long wait was definitely worth it!

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‘One summer can change anything’ –well, after this roller coaster ride, that surely turned out to be true!

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