Before you plan on hosting a house party, check out these amazing and stunning shot glasses.

Most of us have already decided on what they want to do when the lockdown is over and we can finally move out of our house. One of these plans includes getting drunk with our friends or hosting a party. It is a great deal to go without alcohol for people who spend their weekends winning a chugging competition or drunk dancing with friends even. Anyways, since getting drunk is one of the agenda, the best way to do is definitely by pounding shots after shots. The faster and quirkiest way to get drunk. And when it comes to shots, all we need is a fun bunch of shot glasses that will make the whole scene to the next level. There are some amazing shot glasses that one needs to check out, or even put into the list to get one for their next house party.

Take a look at these unique and fun shot glasses:

Goon Skull shot glass

Animal Headed shot glass

Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring

Pottery shot glass

Mugshots shot glass

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My new shot glasses #shotglasses

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Tactical Shot Glass

The not-so-short shot glasses

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New shot glasses?

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Sparkly shot glass

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Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Ceramic shot glass

Single Double-shot glass

Doomed Crystal Skull Shot Glass