Stuti Gupta shares tips to make festive decor easier for us!

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Stuti Gupta shares tips to make festive decor easier for us!

Festive decor can feel like a drag when you are out of ideas, let's take a look at how Stuti Gupta makes it easier with her valuable tips.

Diwali is on its way and it's that time of the year when your home asks for a makeover. The coming week would be swamped with colors, sweets, celebrations, and gatherings hence festive decor is a must. If you have made up your mind but don't know how to do it right, you're not alone in this. A lot of people struggle when it comes to decorating their homes which also reflects their personal style and taste. The festive decor might feel like a drag to some when they are out of ideas and inspiration. Having a plan helps greatly when it comes to home decor. Stuti Gupta aka the quirk art for home has been making content on home decor for quite some time. We had a conversation with her about colors, decor elements, and a lot more.

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Check out how she makes home decor more fun and affordable!


What are the key elements of decor that people often forget? 

I think choosing the correct color palette is a key element of decor that people often forget. Choosing too many or too few colors may not bring out the beauty of the decor. I recommend keeping only one or two as the base color and styling the space around that color palette. It will make the space look even more beautiful. Color palettes can also be modified according to the time of the year or the occasion- like in summer, choosing a pastel palette would enhance the look of your home while going vibrant during the festive season.

What's your favorite part of decorating homes during the festive season?

Decorating homes during the festive season is an experience in itself! Almost every element of decor that we add brings a whole lot of enthusiasm and fervor to the celebration. Personally, I love using fragrant candles which leave a wonderful aroma and positivity around. I also love using fresh flowers to make it look more beautiful and grand. Also, for different festivals, incorporating different fabrics for decor that give the decor, a novel look is my favorite thing to do. Such things give me joy as they give me a break from the routine like using bandhani in Navratri, brocade, or a touch of gold on Diwali, red and white for Christmas, and so on.

When it comes to Diwali decor, people want to do something around lights, flowers, and rangolis which has become quite mainstream now. Have you recently come across any decor ideas that caught your eye?

Lights, flowers, and rangolis have almost become synonymous with Diwali decor. They do make a great first impression but the warmth of our culture and the inviting nature of a Diwali host are incomplete without food. Decorating a food table as the main highlight is a trend that we're not talking about enough. I would love to lay importance on it. A table that is aesthetically pleasing always sets the mood for festivities. Diwali is totally incomplete without friends and families bonding over food and drinks!

How can people out there make their festive decor affordable and out of the box?

On one hand, the idea of festive decor may trigger anxiety in many of us about upcoming expenses however, on the other hand, if we look around we can find so many beautiful things in our home that can be styled with the help of different elements to make it look more gorgeous and grand.

We can dig out old copper vessels, terracotta pots, and pickle burnis and use them as vases. Pooja thaals can be used as urlis. Dupatta and saree can be used to create a backdrop. Traditional and inexpensive marigold rose petals and Rajnigandha flowers can be incorporated instead of using very expensive flowers. Marigold flowers can be put on sticks and used in decor in various ways. You can find many such solutions if you closely look around. 


What is the best part of festive decor according to you? 

The best part about festive decor is the time that I get to spend with my loved ones while doing up my home. Going to markets together, exploring options, and making decisions as to what will go where - are very exciting tasks when done collectively as a family. Such things bring the whole family together. Doing the small chores with family members creates bonds and memories that stay with us lifelong! Involving younger members of the family also helps them feel a connection with their roots. Decorating homes is a major part of festive celebrations. In fact, I find the preparation phase of the festival more exciting than the actual event. 


Share with us some last-minute decor tips and tricks.

There are many last-minute decor tips and tricks that one can do to get their home festive-ready. A few of them are:

Making festive wall hangings and torans with the help of cardboard, fabric pieces, and lace or gota patti. 

Old dupattas and sarees can be used as backdrops, throws, table covers, and more.

Embroidery hoops lying around can be used to create stunning wall decor by using rich fabrics like brocade, and net. You can even use leftover fabrics lying around.

So, how are you decorating your home this festive season?

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