Suhana on Vogue = Nepotism on peak?

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Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan is on the cover of the August issue of Vogue India. You know why? Because her full name is Suhana SHAHRUKH Khan! Now, I don’t want to be judgemental, but remind me again of what she has achieved as a professional to be on that cover?

Bollywood has been accused of nepotism since time immemorial and the industry has always had a deaf ear towards it. And Suhana Khan being on the cover of a magazine as big as Vogue screams EASY ACCESS! As soon as the cover was released, social media exploded with trolls and insults. People were questioning why she was on there and how could Vogue be kidding around?

Here is what the cover looked like:

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Being a star kid is playing out perfectly for Suhana Khan, no matter how much she is trolled. Here is what Twitter had to say on this:

1. Vogue sales are surely going down!

2. Someone should ask King Khan that.

3. And rightfully so.

4. With the self confidence at 200%!

5. I deserve a biopic too tbh.

6. Oh, BURN!

And if you thought this was enough, we have something else for you in store! During an interview with Zoom TV, Suhana Khana talked about the struggles she faced as a star kid. Yes, you read it right –STRUGGLES! That proved to be the last straw.#SuhanaSuffer trended like wildfire. Twitterati showered Miss Khan with sarcasm like never before! Have a look:

1. No M in Suhana, but there’s definitely N for nepotism in her name.

2. And to think I’m so broke that I can’t afford a pen.

3. Jeez. That’s like Maruti 800 dad.

4. It’s tedious, you know.

5. Poor Abram.

6. Truer words haven’t been spoken.

7. It’s not like he killed anyone after all.

8. Suck it up people!

Wow. The only person whose comment I want to hear right now is Karan Johar. He’d give an unbiased opinion for sure. You know what I mean!

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