#KetchupTalks: Exploring Various Sides Of Sumeet Vyas - The Actor, The Director, The Husband

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We caught up with the uber-talented and handsome, Sumeet Vyas and as expected, the conversation was as interesting as ever!

Sumeet Vyas rose to fame with his web series, TVF's Permanent Roommates. He earned a special place in the hearts of the audience because of his honest and relatable portrayal of Mikesh. From there on, there was no looking back for this talented theatre artist. He has proven to be the dark horse of the race and has even been a part of Bollywood films including the box-office hit, Veere Di Wedding.

Every time you think you've seen Sumeet Vyas own a character, he goes ahead and pulls-off another impressive role. I recently caught up with him to get insight into his characters, his future plans and much more.

Here's how my conversation with Sumeet Vyas went:

You've been travelling for a while. Can you tell us how your trip was?

"It was very good. In fact, it was a work cum leisure trip. We were shooting in Bangkok and also in Taiwan. It's a wonderful opportunity to travel and shoot in Taiwan which doesn't usually feature in your regular travel list. So, it was exciting."

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been a while since i was a child...

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You recently did a radio show called, 'Double Shots'. How was that experience?

"It was great! I really enjoy radio as a medium and I like listening to stories. I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. So when this came our way, I was very intrigued and I am glad that they thought of me because they were really sweet contemporary stories."

Work-wise what's brewing?

"We are gearing up for this show called, The Verdict: The State vs Nanavati which is going to stream on AltBalaji. I am playing Ram Jethmalani. It was great because no one has any video reference for Mr. Jethmalani's earlier life from when he was in his late thirties. So, we did our own interpretations because the Nanavati case is really one of the cases that cemented his place at the top of the lawyer pyramid. Playing him was a really interesting process."

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#Repost @altbalaji with @get_repost ・・・ Ram Jethmalani obtained his law degree at the age of 17. He was a refugee from Sindh, who came to India after the partition with his first wife, whom he had married at the age of 18. He married his second wife in 1952 in India. One of his critical initial wins, was when he fought a case against the Bombay Refugees Act of India. In 1959, he came into the limelight again, when he chose to be the watching brief on a case that would make him one of the most famous lawyers in the country; the case that was not just a challenge for him, but for the entire judicial system of India. Meet Sumeet Vyas as Ram Jethmalani in #TheVerdictStateVsNanavati #StreamingSoon #ALTBalajiOriginal Disclaimer - This show is based on true events and facts and reference to plots, incidents, and people shall be made. Any diversion or error is completely unintentional. We do not intend to be disrespectful to Indian Judiciary, Indian naval forces, community, religious sentiments or beliefs of any person.

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Which content format do you enjoy working on the most, movies or web series?

"It depends. Right now I've done more series so I am currently looking at doing more films and focusing on that aspect. But in an ideal world, I would like to balance the two if possible. That would be an ideal scenario."

You recently walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week. How was the experience and does that mean you're inclined towards fashion or couture?

"I really enjoyed walking the ramp. I wouldn't say I am inherently inclined towards fashion but I admire it. I liked the vibe at fashion week and I just wanted to be a part of it. Fashion is something that I want to learn more about since I am not very educated about fashion. People around me there were more up-to-date with fashion trends but I was keen on being a part of it."

You've directed plays before. Do you plan on directing a movie or show soon?

"I would love to at some point in time. Direction is something that requires more time commitment as opposed to writing or acting for that matter. I hope I find the story that I really want to tell and express fully. Ideally I would like to write and direct whatever I direct because then it's a clearer vision."

Your show, Permanent Roommates was one of the first few web series that actually received a huge audience appreciation. How do you think the OTT space has evolved since?

"It was a sapling and now it's a full-grown tree. Back in the day when we had shot Permanent Roommates, we were trying to make content that was more relatable to our generation because no one was really making that kind of content. We didn't showcase any extraordinary circumstances, they regular instances that people could relate to. Now it has become a full-blown medium where everyone wants to come down and experiment and express themselves. It includes people with and without any funding. That is the beauty of this medium that it puts everyone on the same plane."

Your acting is seamless when it comes to comedy. Will your fans be seeing you doing stand up anytime soon?

I really wanted to try stand-up at one point but for some reason, I felt very afraid because and seemed tough to me back then.

For the unaware, Sumeet tied the knot with the stunning and talented actress, Ekta Kaul last year. We've seen him play several roles but here's exploring the real-life hubby side of him. 

Do you believe in making grand gestures or little things every day?

I believe in doing little things everyday and sometimes those little things are so little that they go unnoticed (laughs). Only I notice them.

A love letter or Emojis?

I would write a letter.

Fancy date night or Netflix and chill?

I love going out and eating, I don't like eating at home.

If you played Adam Sandler in 50 first dates. Which is the one place that you'd pick for all your dates?

The Central Park in New York.

What's more dangerous? - Forgetting an important anniversary or missing 5 calls in a row?

Definitely forgetting an anniversary. You can defend a missed call but not forgetting an anniversary.

Sumeet Vyas will soon be seen in AltBalaji's The Verdict and we can't wait to see him in lawyer-it-up!

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