Weekend is just around the corner and so is your dose of binge. Forty minutes of entertainment and forty minutes of bliss.

Say hello to Sammarth, none other than our favourite Mikesh, a.k.a Sumeet Vyas. In his latest short film, Born Free, Vyas is a common Joe, struggling to find himself in the rat race we all run, irrespective of whether or not we want to.

Why should you see this? Well, because Sammarth is just like us. On a flight to Goa (but unlike us he managed to actually go to Goa) for a business trip he encounters a free-spirited elderly who is finally taking his dream trip, and a happy go lucky travel blogger, Vanya, played by Mukti Mohan. This is his first face off with life the way it should be. On various occasions he bumps into Vanya, while he deals with the unparalleled pressure of his professional life. An unappreciative boss, to de be precise.

A journey of maybe’s, Born Free is a tale that will reinstate your faith in the passion you might have ignored over the years. Not to mention, you will fall in love with Vyas and his oh so cute, dialogue delivery, all over again.

Stay ready with buckets of popcorn while watching Born Free, because you’re bound to crave for a chilled beer and lots of munchies.

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