Social media has given us a resurgence of some of our favourite celebrities who we thought had all but disappeared from the public eye. Hence, presenting to you, Suniel Shetty on Instagram!

First it was the Nawab of Najafgarh who made a strong comeback through Twitter, and soon carved a new career out of his hilarious tweets. Another celebrity to have propelled themselves into the limelight with the power of social media is our very own Action Anna, Suniel Shetty!

He prefers to rule Instagram, where him and his killer beard do the talking. He has more than 277k followers and they can’t help but admire the 55 year old, who does not look a day over 35! See for yourself…

1. That beard slays!

2. Haha Bidoos!

3. Not one. Not two. He has three dogs.

Son, Troy, whispers a secret in Daddy’s ears while grandsons, Duke & Storm try to eavesdrop!

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4. I really have nothing to say except for ‘Look at the damn beard!’

At the Converse Store – America’s most iconic footwear companies! Love My Converse!

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5. Yeah we know you’re humming the song too.

Hai huku hai huku hai hai … Yeh Ladki Mere Samne Mera Dil Liye Jaaye Jaaye Jaaye ! #majorthrowback

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6. Welcome to Twitter!

7. *YouTube*

8. So chill…

9. Perfect form. Any gym maniacs out there?

‘Old Is Gold’ in age as well as training! The old school ‘DIP’ & soak into fitness…

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10. He aged like fine wine. Also, women you have his permission to awww..

Is this what the famous ‘want to grow old with you’ all about? It has been lovely indeed… #25Years + 9!

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11. Thank you Amma Shetty for this wonderful man!

12. Just an overall nice guy right?

And these smiles make us feel on top of this world…Lets share smiles at Araaish…See You @araaish @savethechildrenindia

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13. Beards are not above Pokemon either!

Are you one of the newest Suniel Shetty admirers too? Let us know what you think about the bearded badass in the comments section.