Twitterati get upset over Swara Bhasker's comments on Son Of Abish

Smrithi Mohan
Nov 05, 2019 09:55 IST
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Swara Bhasker

Twitter is calling out Indian actress Swara Bhasker as 'Swara aunty' after her recent appearance in a comedy talk show. People are mad at Swara Bhasker's comments on Son of Abish and here are the reactions.

Swara Bhasker is one among those Indian actors who is known for voicing their opinion on matters of concern. She has her point of view placed before everyone. Known for her controversies, she is usually in news for her controversial comments. People also call her cocktail politician for her political comments. But recently, Twitter called her out as 'Swara aunty' online for one of the comments she made while sharing stories from her early acting days.

The actress was part of a comedy talk show 'Son of Abhish' hosted by the well-known comedian Abhish Mathew. Swara was present on the show along with comedian Kunal Kamra. She was sharing a story from one of her advertisement shoots for a soap brand where she had to act alongside a 4-year-old who on seeing her called her out aunty. She then went on to call the child ch#tiya for calling her that. This sparked discussion among the people as they found it very offensive on her part for calling a child ch#tiya.

Take a look at the video doing rounds the internet:

Here is how people reacted to Swara Bhaskar calling out on a child:

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