Here is how Taapsee Pannu is changing perceptions through her versatility

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Here is how Taapsee Pannu is changing perceptions through her versatility

Taapsee Pannu made us pause with her extremely phenomenal performances throughout her career!

Bollywood has evolved drastically over these past years when we're talking about movies that have a social cause, and by being the poster child, some actors have given us some remarkable performances. Whether it's a movie where mental health is the focus or a murder mystery portrayed so well that it gives you chills, Bollywood never fails! Playing a role where you have to completely give yourself to the role can be difficult at times.

Well, some actors have perfected the arc in that area, and Taapsee Pannu takes the cake. This National award-winning actress knows what's up, and she's here to stay. Throughout her career, she has given some commendable performances, and it's almost hard to believe how someone can easily shape themselves to the role they're playing. Every role that she has played always leaves us wanting more from her. From the start of her career till this day, she's given us total paisa vasool performances. Taapsee Pannu truly is a versatility queen, and she made sure everyone is aware of that.

Check out some of Taapsee Panu's breathtaking performances that made us sit up and take note of her impressive talent!

Jhummandi Naadam

This is where it all started! Tollywood created a star and we are still thanking them for it. Jhummandi Naadam is a forbidden romance between Taapsee and her co-star Manchu which reminds us of our first love!


A very well portrayed messy love triangle by Taapsee, the directors couldn't have found a better female lead for the movie. Again with her versatility, she gave us a performance to remember.


Bollywood took a curve into amazingness with this star-studded murder mystery. Taapsee and Amitabh ji just blend well together and their onscreen chemistry just spells perfection.


The first time these two phenomenal actors worked together and made a whirl in the industry, Pink made for a powerful watch. Both of them were impeccable!


Power-packed performances by Taapsee Pannu and Rishi Kapoor made us stand tall. This film perfectly portrayed Islamophobia in India and created a buzz.

Game Over

A movie that portrays how difficult it is for a person who struggles with PTSD, Game Over has Taapsee playing the role of a game designer who also has PTSD. She just keeps on proving that she is IT!

Kanchana 2

She spooked her fans with her performance as Nandini in Kanchana. Her discography just keeps getting better.

Rashmi Rocket

This movie of Taapsee hits different! This character just gives out hope and love that anyone and everyone can and should do whatever they feel like regardless of society.


This movie changed the perception of so many people. We loved how 'just a' thappad was never talked about before this film. Taapsee Pannu is not just an actor but also an explorer when it comes to her roles.

Which of Taapsee's movies do you think stands out the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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