The video of a biker being stopped by a Tamil Nadu cop on a highway has gone viral and people are motivated by his Good Samaritan spirit.

Bikers usually have a tough time with cops. With vlogger taking their bike on a ride with a Go-Pro we get to see a bunch of incidents where the cop and the biker are unhappy. But when a vlogger shared a video of him being stopped by a Tamil Nadu cop, the internet just melted.

Travel blogger and YouTuber Arun Kumar Moolya aka AnnyArun were on his way to Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu from Pondicherry. What was to be just another vlog day for Arun soon became an enlightening one when he was stopped by the police officer. He was at first, taken aback at why he was stopped when he had not violated any traffic rules.

The officer, Krishnamurthy stopped him and asked if he was from Karnataka. When Arun confirmed it, he handed him a medicine bottle for one of the passengers, an old woman in a bus ahead of him. The cop wanted him to chase the bus so the woman can get her medicine. Without wasting a beat, Arun took off and delivered the medicine to the passenger. The bus driver was kind enough to stop and let him pass by. Since the video was posted, people shared their praises for the cop and biker for their kindness.

Here’s how they reacted:

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