Enjoy Engami created by singer-rapper-lyricist Arivu and singer Dhee was able to cross 19 million views on YouTube in just over a week.

Indian music is versatile and interesting. When we say India is a diverse languages and culture, we hardly appreciated and checked out the artistic creations of the other languages. But with the internet, people are exposed to different genres, languages, cultures and appreciating it’s existence. Language left the conversation way before we even started thinking about it. Over the past couple of years we have seen people enjoying songs from the song that became a hit across the country and taking place in our playlists. Enjoy Engami is the latest that has joined the club.

The journey that began with Appadi Pode went to us dancing and singing to Rowdy Baby and ButtaBomma. Enjoy Engami is the new song that has made it to our list and which has left us grooving to its beat. The song created by Chennai-based singer-rapper-lyricist Arivu and singer Dhee has been receiving appreciation from people speaking different mother-tongue. AR Rahman’s label Maajja promoting independent artists and composer Santosh Narayanan produced the music.

With extravagant setting and beautiful picturization, the song talks about the life of Tamil plantation labors. The song is also the celebration of their ancestors and the life on earth. A musical representation of freedom, the song aims at shedding light on issues less spoken about. This independent music was able to cross 19 million views on YouTube in just over a week. People have been reacting positively to the song and sharing their reactions and reels online.

Here’s how people reacted:

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