Last year, actress Tanushree Dutta filed an FIR against noted actor Nana Patekar for sexual misconduct on the set of a song shoot. Patekar was her co-star in Horn-OkPlease in 2008. The case is officially closed by the Police in Mumbai because of the absence of evidences.

Tanushree Dutta’s accusation for Bollywood actor Nana Patekar came as a shock for everyone, and also marked the begining of #MeToo movement, where numerous women came out about incidents where they faced harassment. While some of the cases are still pending, today the verdict on Tanushree – Nana Patekar case has come out and it states that no evidence has been found against the actor that proves the allegations.

The police have filed a ‘B Summary’ report on the case; it is filed when investigation can no longer be continued because no evidence could be found against the accused.

Though the case is officially shut, according to Times Now’s tweet the actress will continue to fight.

As expected, people have started posting snide remarks for Tanushree Dutta, calling all of this a stunt for attention.

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There are few who still root for Dutta.

Tanushree Dutta’s team has released a statement, saying a corrupt force has released a corrupt actor.

Tanushree’s Lawyer has also given a statement in media (Video Source Republic TV)

What do you think with the trail of events that are associated with the case? Could it really have been a publicity stunt? Or could it be that it wasn’t looked into hard enough at all? Or was it all just a big misunderstanding from both ends? Let us know.