With several creators debuting on the carpet, beauty content creator, Tarini Peshawaria too attended the festival for the first time and she represented L’oreal Paris at the event.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival turned out to be a special one for India. From Indian Pavilion to Indian celebrities and content creators representing India on the glorious red carpet, India did leave a mark. Styled by Sakshi Pamnani, Tarini Peshawaria wore a powder-blue ruffled gown by Ambika Lal.

Talking to us about her experience of attending the festival and the honor of representing India at a global forum, Tarini said, “I feel so proud. I know that’s a very cliche answer but, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. I am sure that representing one’s own country on a global platform is something that every Indian dreams of, but to live it seemed like a dream, and honestly I am still processing it.”

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What’s different at Cannes this year? 

It’s my first time at the Cannes Film Festival so it won’t be fair for me to compare it to the previous years. Having said that, India was the ‘Country of Honor’ this year at Cannes Film Festival and the massive South Asian representation at the event was the absolute highlight for me.

How did you prep for this year’s Cannes? 

I do try and maintain a healthy lifestyle with home-cooked Indian ‘ghar ka khaana’ and I work out religiously so my preparation in terms of fitness was pretty much sticking to that. Besides that, I and my team ensured that we have all the content prepared in advance to avoid any last-minute confusion. And of course, I practiced my walk every single moment I could; at this point, I can probably do it in my sleep! 

Please share details about the outfit you wore at Cannes for the red carpet.

Of course. For the red carpet, I had the chance to wear a beautiful Ambika Lal powder blue gown, styled by Sakshi Pamnani. I paired it with diamond droplets and kept the makeup fresh and dewy. For the anniversary dinner, I was fortunate to wear a stunning sequinned royal blue saree by Manish Malhotra which I paired with a classic pearl choker.

Can you talk about your inspiration? 

As much as I wanted to experiment with fashion, I also wanted them to be true to my own personality. For me comfort is key and I do have a personal, understated style. As an Indian, it would have felt incomplete without a saree, so that was also something I was sure would be a part of my fashion ensemble. The gown was just as comfortable as it was beautiful. I definitely had my princess moments with the outfits. Representing Indian designers was another must I had, and I hope I did justice to their work of art.

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